William M. Koziar, the creator of Christmas Village, began decorating his home and property in 1948 for the pleasure he and his wife, Grace, and their four children derived from the unusual display. People appreciated and applauded the beauty of the Koziar home and began to refer to it as the "Christmas House."

Mr. Koziar added new and unique items and lighted displays to the original layout each year. He began decorating the lake, walkways, trees, fences, and buildings, as well as continually adding to the barn and house. By popular demand visitors were granted access to the premises for a closer look. Thus, Koziar's "Christmas House" became known as Koziar's "Christmas Village."


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Christmas Village, celebrating its 72nd anniversary in 2019, has received many awards, including Best Outdoor Christmas Display in the World (Display World magazine).

A trip through Koziar's Christmas Village is, in the words of the song, like "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."

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